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Welcome to St. Valentine's Web Site. As a faith-filled community located in Redford Township MI, we are celebrating our 66th Anniversary as a parish. Fr. Socorro Fernandes, SAC, is our Pastor and Fr. Henry Rebello, SAC, is our Associate Pastor.

Mass Times

Saturday Mass time is at 5:00 p.m.
Our Sunday Masses are at 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon.

Confessions every Saturday at 3:30 pm in Church

Weekday Mass Schedule
All Masses at 8:30 am
Monday, Thursday & Friday in the School Chapel
Tuesday's Mass will be held in Church


The Teachings of the Catholic Church by T. Meagher

Mr. T. Meagher has written nearly 180 short, apologetic style articles, one for each Sunday of the Church’s 3 year calendar. Each article will explain a doctrine or teaching of the Church taken from the 1st or 2nd Reading or the Gospel and every article has been approved for truth and content by Dr. Robert Fastiggi, the Censor for the AOD.

If any doubt arises with regard to the teachings of the church, please email your bulletin editor, Pastor or Associate Pastor.

2 Cor 12:7-10 – 14th Sunday Ordinary Time


In today’s second reading our Lord says, “My grace is sufficient for you…” (v9), but what is grace? “Grace is favor, the free and undeserved help that God gives us to respond to his call…” [CCC 1996]. As food nourishes the body, so grace nourishes the soul. Grace is aimed at enabling us to share in God’s own life; through it we become “partakers in the divine nature” (2 Pet 1:4), able to live the Christian life, remain faithful to the Ten Commandments and the commandments of love. Prayer, too, is the work of grace, for it is only in the Spirit that we can pray fruitfully (Rom 8:26-27). Grace is central to all of Catholic life. To present what faith teaches about grace is to present the whole mystery of Christ, the whole story of salvation, “for by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God” (Eph 2:8). Those who seek to please God must make use of the means of grace that deepens our relationship with the Lord, namely the sacraments, prayers, and works of love.

Statement from Michigan's Catholic Bishops

Today’s decision from the U.S. Supreme Court to redefine marriage represents a profound legal turning point in the contemporary and cultural understanding of spouses and family. We continue to teach that every human person deserves respect and compassion. The experience of same-sex attraction is a reality that calls for attention, sensitivity and pastoral care. While every person is called to love and deserves to be loved, today’s momentous decision will not change the truth of the Church’s teaching on marriage.

The Catholic Church teaches that marriage is and can only be the union of one man and one woman. This union brings two persons together and, because of their natural biological composition, each bring qualities to the marriage that differ from one another. Man and woman complement each other; they then become united as one in marriage and together are unique in their ability to create new life based on sexual and reproductive differences.

Every child has a mother and a father and even though each child deserves to be loved and raised by them together, we are conscious of and loving toward those circumstances in which this arrangement of a married mother and father in the home is not reality. Married couples unable to conceive children or family structures that differ – single parents, widowed parents, adopted children and those being raised by grandparents or other family members – merit compassion and support for their life situations, which at times can be difficult and challenging. The Church and her ministries must remain conscious of and respectful toward these differing dynamics, especially when support, counsel and love is sought.

Going forward, the Supreme Court’s decision to redefine marriage will have a significant ripple effect upon the first amendment right to religious liberty. It sets the Church’s teaching about marriage in opposition to the law and will create inestimable conflicts between the state and religious persons and institutions. As the impact of the decision plays out over the coming weeks and months the Catholic Church will continue to preach the truth about marriage and will promote, in the public square, this truth as what is good for society and our world.

Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron Archbishop of Detroit, Most Reverend Earl A Boyea Bishop of Lansing, Most Reverend Paul J. Bradley Bishop of Kalamazoo, Most Reverend Joseph R. Cistone Bishop of Saginaw, Most Reverend John F. Doerfler Bishop of Marquette, Most Reverend Steven J. Raica Bishop of Gaylord, Most Reverend David J. Walkowiak, Bishop of Grand Rapids, Most Reverend Michael J. Byrnes Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit, Most Reverend Arturo Cepeda Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit, Most Reverend Donald F. Hanchon Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit, Most Reverend Francis R. Reiss Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit


A heartfelt thank you to all those who have made a gift to the 2015 Catholic Services Appeal. As you can see, we have reached our goal with the pledged amount, that does not mean that others cannot pledge anymore. As we all know, anything over and above the goal will come back 100% to the parish. So far 132 families have pledge $44,450.50 towards our goal which is $43,382.00. There are many more families in our parish. If you can make a onetime donation, however small it may be, it will be greatly appreciated. If you cannot find your CSA packet or if you have not received one, call the office and we will get a packet to you.

Vacation Bible School 2014-15



Mark your calendars !
Parish Picnic is August 30.

Time to start your walking regimen.
Fun Run/Walk & Spaghetti Dinner is September 20th.


We Need for Help with Baptism Prep

If you have been looking for a small but rewarding way to get involved in ministry at St. Valentine, there are immediate openings on our Baptism prep team. The time commitment is not huge, about two hours once a month in the evening. Classes are held the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the rectory meeting room. If you prefer, you could approach this as a team of two persons leading the meeting. Depending on how many people volunteer to conduct these classes, you might be required to only volunteer every third or fourth month. You do not need any theology classes or special training. You will be given all the information you need and will observe some classes before you start. Most important, is a welcoming, friendly attitude and an ability to talk with the families. Basically, you will be informing the parents what to expect the day of Baptism, i.e. where to sit, what do godparents do, when to come up to the baptismal font, how long the celebration of this sacrament takes, prayers used during baptism, etc. In addition, a big part of your job is making the families feel welcome and comfortable at St. Valentine, and offering congratulations and encouragement to new parents!

If this sounds interesting at all to you, please call the rectory office at 313-532-4394 and someone will give you more information, and answer any questions you have. Please prayerfully consider this important means of evangelizing!

Mrs. Maggie Neaton (In Charge of Baptism Prep)

Pray for the Institution of Marriage

The United States Supreme Court is expected to announce a decision later this month as to whether same sex unions must be recognized as marriage under the constitution, and possibly reject marriage as an institution funded on the unity of one man and one woman. The Court may, in one stroke, redefine marriage for decades or even centuries to come. Marriage is a sacred bond, instituted by God, that is a reflection of the inner life of God Himself.

Continue to pray that Our Lord will enlighten the hearts and minds of the Supreme Court Justices to uphold the truth about marriage. Let us also pray to God to strengthen marriage for the good of the Church and the world, and to ask Him to give us graces to bring His light, love, compassion and understanding to those who may struggle with the Gospel teachings regarding human sexuality and marriage.





Guided by the Holy Spirit we strive to live and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. As a Catholic Community we welcome, serve, teach, reconcile, give comfort and hope in the spirit of St. Valentine.

Phone: 313-532-4394
Fax: 313-537-2237

Rectory Office Hours :

Mon. - Fri. ~ 8:30am - 4:00pm
Office closed for lunch 11:30am - 12:30pm

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