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Welcome to St. Valentine's Web Site. As a faith-filled community located in Redford Township MI, we are celebrating our 66th Anniversary as a parish. Fr. Socorro Fernandes, SAC, is our Pastor and Fr. Henry Rebello, SAC, is our Associate Pastor.

Mass Times

Saturday Mass time is at 5:00 p.m.
Our Sunday Masses are at 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon.

Confessions every Saturday at 3:30 pm in Church

Weekday Mass Schedule
All Masses at 8:30 am
Monday, Thursday & Friday in the School Chapel
Tuesday's Mass will be held in Church


The Teachings of the Catholic Church by T. Meagher

Mr. T. Meagher has written nearly 180 short, apologetic style articles, one for each Sunday of the Church’s 3 year calendar. Each article will explain a doctrine or teaching of the Church taken from the 1st or 2nd Reading or the Gospel and every article has been approved for truth and content by Dr. Robert Fastiggi, the Censor for the AOD.

If any doubt arises with regard to the teachings of the church, please email your bulletin editor, Pastor or Associate Pastor.

Ephesians 2:13-18 – 16th Sunday Ordinary Time

“The Working of the Holy Spirit”

In today’s second reading we see the part played by the Holy Spirit in the work of salvation. Prior to Christ’s coming, mankind was excluded from heaven, the gates of heaven were closed. The words “in one Spirit” (v18), besides identifying the access route to the Father, implies two additional facts. First, the mysterious union which binds all Christians together is caused by the action of the Holy Spirit who acts in them. Second, this same Holy Spirit is inseparable from the Father and the Son because all three share the same divine nature, always present and continually active, yet distinct. In the 3rd century St. Irenaeus wrote “…where the Church is, there is the Spirit of God; and where the Spirit of God is, there is the Church and the fullness of grace” (Against Heresies, III, 24). St. Augustine called the Holy Spirit the “soul” of the Church (Sermo, 267, 4).

Marriage and the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has tragically declared that states must issue marriage licenses to two persons of the same sex and recognize same sex “marriages” that were contracted in another state.

This broad, adverse ruling redefines marriage in the law throughout the entire country, changing thousands of laws regarding marriage, family and children and threatening religious freedom in numerous ways. “Regardless of what a narrow majority of the Supreme Court may declare at this moment in history, the nature of the human person and marriage remains unchanged and unchangeable.” -Archbishop Kurtz, President of the USCCB


PRAY, FAST, SACRIFICE - The Bishops have encouraged Catholics to participate in a Call to Prayer for Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty. Visit to learn more and commit to praying and fasting for life, marriage, and religious liberty.

ADVOCATE FOR MARRIAGE - Don’t be afraid to talk about it.

Be a witness for the truth of marriage. Take advantage of opportunities to speak about it kindly with family, friends, neighbors or co-workers. Be prepared for false charges of discrimination and to respond with the following truths in charity.

What is marriage? Marriage is the permanent and exclusive union of one man and one woman, for the good of the spouses and for the procreation and education of children. One man, one woman, for life.

The difference is the difference. Men and women are equal and different. Sexual difference is essential to marriage and raising children. Ignoring or removing “the difference is… the problem, not the solution” (Pope Francis).

Mothers and fathers matter. They aren’t interchangeable. While single parents and others raising children often make heroic sacrifices and deserve support, society should also affirm every child’s basic, natural right to come from and be raised in the loving marital union of his or her own father and mother.

Support religious freedom - The First Amendment Defense Act is one way that Congress is seeking to protect religious believers from being coerced to accept, condone, or participate in same-sex “marriage.” The Child Welfare Provide Inclusion Act is another important piece of legislation. Please let your representatives know that you support this legislation through our action center, and keep informed of other such measures.

LEARN MORE - Visit for more resources on the authentic meaning of marriage. For resources for engaged couples and married couples, visit and


A heartfelt thank you to all those who have made a gift to the 2015 Catholic Services Appeal. As you can see, we have reached our goal with the pledged amount, that does not mean that others cannot pledge anymore. As we all know, anything over and above the goal will come back 100% to the parish. So far 132 families have pledge $44,450.50 towards our goal which is $43,382.00. There are many more families in our parish. If you can make a onetime donation, however small it may be, it will be greatly appreciated. If you cannot find your CSA packet or if you have not received one, call the office and we will get a packet to you.

Vacation Bible School 2014-15



Mark your calendars !
Parish Picnic is August 30.

Time to start your walking regimen.
Fun Run/Walk & Spaghetti Dinner is September 20th.


We Need for Help with Baptism Prep

If you have been looking for a small but rewarding way to get involved in ministry at St. Valentine, there are immediate openings on our Baptism prep team. The time commitment is not huge, about two hours once a month in the evening. Classes are held the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the rectory meeting room. If you prefer, you could approach this as a team of two persons leading the meeting. Depending on how many people volunteer to conduct these classes, you might be required to only volunteer every third or fourth month. You do not need any theology classes or special training. You will be given all the information you need and will observe some classes before you start. Most important, is a welcoming, friendly attitude and an ability to talk with the families. Basically, you will be informing the parents what to expect the day of Baptism, i.e. where to sit, what do godparents do, when to come up to the baptismal font, how long the celebration of this sacrament takes, prayers used during baptism, etc. In addition, a big part of your job is making the families feel welcome and comfortable at St. Valentine, and offering congratulations and encouragement to new parents!

If this sounds interesting at all to you, please call the rectory office at 313-532-4394 and someone will give you more information, and answer any questions you have. Please prayerfully consider this important means of evangelizing!

Mrs. Maggie Neaton (In Charge of Baptism Prep)





Guided by the Holy Spirit we strive to live and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. As a Catholic Community we welcome, serve, teach, reconcile, give comfort and hope in the spirit of St. Valentine.

Phone: 313-532-4394
Fax: 313-537-2237

Rectory Summer Office Hours :

Mon. - Thurs. ~ 8:30am - 2:00pm
Friday ~ 8:30 - 12 noon

Office closed for lunch
Mon. - Thurs. 11:30am - 12:30pm

Regular hours return August 31st.

The parish has a voicemail system that will take messages when the office is closed. Messages will be returned in a timely fashion.

Parish Organizational Chart

Please send your questions or comments to us at
St. Valentine Parish.
This page last updated on July 20, 2015